Susanna Kelham established Kelham Vineyards along with

her two sons, Ron Nicholsen

and Hamilton Nicholsen in October of 1997. The entire family have been an integral part of

the Oakville heritage for well over twenty years. Together they are proud to showcase an impressive array of celebrated library wines, each bottle speaking directly to a passion that has long defined them as stewards of their craft.


Kelham Vineyards releases every vintage in succession, allowing you the customer to savor the subtle differences between

each year’s offerings. We use

only our own locally grown grapes, allowing the proficiency and expertise of the entire

Kelham family to be reflected in every bottle.

Ron is Susanna’s eldest son and a winemaker here at Kelham. Before becoming a full-time vintner, Ron studied architecture at the University of Colorado. He found his passion for wine-making while working at local vineyards at a very young age. Ron’s recommended Kelham wine is the 2007 Petit Verdot.


Owner and founder of Kelham Vineyards, Susanna Kelham is a native Californian who travelled the world before finding her calling in the Napa Valley. A successful business woman and entrepreneur before starting the winery, Susanna can often be found perusing antique shops for design ideas. Her favorite wine is the

Son’s Red Proprietary Blend as it was made for her specifically.

Ham is a winemaker and Susanna’s youngest son. He studied hospitality management at Colorado State 

University and received his 

culinary degree in Switzerland before partnering with his mother and brother to start Kelham Vineyards. 

Ham is an avid skier and can often be found on the slopes of Tahoe when not working. His favorite Kelham wine is the 2001 F-Block Cab.



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