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Kelham Vineyards can

ship to all states with the exception of 

Utah, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Kentucky.

Alabama residents must

ship to a local ABC store.

We ship primarily in-house using United Parcel Service (UPS). Kelham  Vineyards reserves the right to utilize

a third party shipper when required. All Shipping and Handling costs are 

charged separately 

unless specifically stated   otherwise.


Other stipulations

may apply.

Please contact us at

with any questions or concerns.
















Q: How will I know when to expect my order?

A: You will receive tracking information via the e-mail address provided. Your tracking number will activate as soon as your order leaves the property. Check your inbox for an estimated date and time of arrival.

Q: Is it better to have my order sent to my home or place of business?

A; An adult signature is required for all wine shipments. A business address is usually preferred for this reason. We can not ship wine to a P.O. Box address.

Q: What if I live in a state that you are unable to ship to?

A: Please provide an alternative out-of-state address for all wine deliveries.

Q: Why would a third party shipper be required?

A: We use our third party shippers for several reasons: 

      1) They are able to ship to multiple states that require a                      specific wine permit that we do not carry.

      2) Kelham ships primarily using UPS only. A third party shipper            can utilize FedEx for customers that prefer it.

      3) They have the necessary special packaging materials to              ship unique items such as large formats or art pieces.

Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: It depends upon the country. Please call to inquire and we'll find out for you.

Q: What if my address changed?

A: You always want to let us know if that is the case. Shipments in route can usually be redirected for a nominal fee. No refunds are allowed.

Q: The weather where I am is not conducive for wine shipping, what can I do?

A: In the summer, Kelham Vineyards offers expedited warm weather shipping at a reduced price point. This will get your wine to you in the best possible condition during the warmer months. Winter shipments are put on weather hold until it is deemed safe to ship. These orders primarily go GROUND but upgraded shipping options are always available for faster delivery.

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