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Our wines are estate grown, produced and bottled from our prized vineyard holdings. Kelham Vineyards lush eighty acre parcel is located in the western foothills and produces some of the finest wines that the area has to offer. Each bottle is a testament to the maturity, pedigree and level of production detail that Kelham Vineyards is known for.


The Kelham family is an integral part of the Oakville heritage and has been for over twenty years. Kelham Vineyards is proud to showcase an impressive array of wines that speaks to the family’s passion and dedication to winemaking. Every vintage is released in succession and uses only regionally grown fruit harvested at the peak of perfection. The proficiency and expertise of our winemakers is undoubtedly reflected in each and every bottle.

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   In keeping with family tradition, Kelham Vineyards 

  Sauvignon Blanc has an age worthiness and old 

world style our customers have come to appreciate.  

Production starts with barrel fermentation in new French oak and finishes with an aging process of well over 10-months. Our Sauvignon Blanc displays complex notes of citrus and honey, detailing a structure that can only come from classically dry-farmed fruit. Its light fruity notes are followed by a smooth, endless finish that defines Kelham’s grape growing pedigree. Production of our Sauvignon Blanc will end with the 2012 vintage so be sure to stock up now.

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As the only vineyard plot Kelham Vineyards leases,  we curated a unique, dry farmed Chardonnay grape that celebrates the Kelham methodology of combining the fruit that we grow with its natural geography. Our Chardonnay is a limited production wine, aged in 5-year- old French oak barrels. It utilizes partial malolactic fermentation with increased acidity following the Chablis winemaking tradition. Our Chardonnay also has a  subtle undertone of white flowers, a characteristic exclusive to the varietal. It gives Kelham’s version  a honed, focused finish. 

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Kelham Vineyard’s Merlot follows the stylistic direction found in many of the world’s finest 

wines.  Here dryness, maceration and aged French

oak have composed a Merlot of the highest quality

with a depth and understanding unheard of in Napa Valley.  This produces a unique and mature

wine with a classic bouquet of complex dark fruits

with complimentary aspects of earth and forest.  

Having achieved over 14 years of age, our Merlot has

a balance and elegance that pairs perfectly with

its purity of fruit and varietal character. 

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As climate and geography have dictated, the valley where Kelham Vineyards is located is considered one of the finest  locations to grow Cabernet Sauvignon and for the production of fine wine in general.  

We honor this this tradition by being unique in our field.  From the very beginning Kelham Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon demonstrates unparalleled 

complexity and depth of character.  It has been our intent to release each one with at least 10-years of cellaring, resulting in a wine that speaks to both the casual drinker and experienced connoisseur alike. This wine exhibits everything you love in a cab - a vibrant old world charm that celebrates everything the

Napa Valley is known for.

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Our Son’s blend is a wine of monumental proportion 

and is a favorite of many of our customers.  With more 

than 14 years of cellaring, this composed and refined 

blend displays intense, mature flavors reminiscent of 

the finest and most complex estate wines.  With balance, harmony and youthful acidity, this wine continues to express why Oakville could be considered one of the best wine growing regions in the world.  80% Cabernet, 10% Merlot and 10% Sangiovese - the three blend together seamlessly to produce a tribute to man and nature, one rich with blackberry undertones that speak to the complexity of the vintage. 

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Kelham Vineyards has a wide array of

other fine wines available for purchase.

From our library Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

to our popular Red Port, we have the perfect

wine selection to suit your needs.

Please either call our office or contact us here to inquire about other vintage availability.

We're more than happy to help!

Kelham Vineyards fine wine - perfect to give as a gift

or to keep for yourself!  

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